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May 2018 Ratings

UserPic for SinH4 SinH4 684
UserPic for zvikar zvikar 535
UserPic for martin00sr martin00sr 530
UserPic for mcberko mcberko 476
UserPic for VastActiv VastActiv 338
UserPic for martjoobolut martjoobolut 323
UserPic for Ktwse Ktwse 301
UserPic for kryon kryon 284
UserPic for ansalon ansalon 270
UserPic for madmitch76 madmitch76 264

New Users

UserPic for PilsnerRater17 PilsnerRater17 Bangkok, Thailand
UserPic for boostergold boostergold Langley, British Columbia
UserPic for wormsgalore wormsgalore Racine, Wisconsin
UserPic for starburst starburst Seoul, South Korea
UserPic for latimer11 latimer11 Spring Hill, Florida
UserPic for 1cddvxsdf 1cddvxsdf SDFGSDG, Rwanda
UserPic for CaskTrub18 CaskTrub18 California
UserPic for MaltMonger107 MaltMonger107 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire
UserPic for KegMuse12 KegMuse12 Sofia, Bulgaria
UserPic for FrothyTun14 FrothyTun14 Aldershot, Hampshire

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